One Source Pre-Placement/Post-Offer Services

Physical Exams

The purpose of a pre-placement examination is to determine if the applicant can safely perform the essential functions of their prospective job. During these exams, we attempt to identify pre-existing medical conditions which would put the applicant at risk and adversely impact his or her job performance.

Baseline Testing

  • Audiometric Testing
  • Repiratory Fit Testing
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Repiratory Questionaires
  • Vision Testing using a Titmus Screener
  • X-rays
    • Chest X-rays (interpreted by a certified B Reader if needed)
    • Lumbar X-rays (used to detect pre-existing conditions of the lower back)
  • EKG - detects underlying heart conditions.
  • Blood Testing - we offer every test from heavy metals to bloodborne pathogens to routine wellness labs.

Physical Demands Assessments

A Physical Demand Assessment (PDA) is an objective test to determine if an applicant is capable of safely performing the specific job requirements of their intended position. The assessment is customized to each job and is performed by a licensed Physical Therapist or medical provider and is ADA compliant. The primary benefits are the reduction of workplace injuries and the maintenance of productivity.

One Source Occupational Medicine

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